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At number-three we host several family businesses out of the flexible working space

Motus Sports Massage

Photography studio

An artist studio and occasional pop-up gallery space 

Motus Sports Massage

Joe Lindley - Sports Massage therapist

Specialising in injury prevention

and re-habilitation

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 09.03.03.png
Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 09.04.44.png
Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 08.57.55.png
Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 08.59.21.png


Sam Lindley - Freelance Photographer

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 08.41.06.png

Printmaker and Artist

Sara Lindley - uses her background in early education to inform her prints. Using a wide variety of print techniques including linocut, screen printing, mono print and lithograph

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